It’s been quite some time since I’ve migrated to for Blogging

It’s been quite a few months now ever since I started my experiences with Digital Ocean ( for blogging.

I’ve been updating my blog whenever I’m free or have new progress update to share with everyone at, I’m not sure whether I will be maintaining this domain name still, or I will be migrating 100% to next time.

My temporary decision is to keep both and try to restore all my posts to the account I have with Digital Ocean, and hosting 2 domains simultaneously. I will see what I want to achieve next, then I will make the final decision to keep 1 or both domains after that. They must be kept with valid reasons, otherwise it wouldn’t be cost efficient for me and my family.

… and, for all the Fishkeeping and TVR updates, I guess it’s best to redirect all of you to the new domain at and hope to see your continuous support over there. So see you guys!

TVR Journey So far

I’ve been busy with work, family commitments and the fries and fishes so far. Didn’t have much time to update on the progress of the TVR that are still in quarantine pail.

They’ve grown quite a bit again since my last update, and I’m worry if I don’t transfer them fast enough to reduce the bioload, they might be under great stress soon, even though I can try my best to do daily water change for them.

Due to the fact that they’re growing now, I can’t be stingy on the food, and to strike a balance, a food timer is a must, while not wanting to overspend and overdo, I wish to purchase a standard food timer, as well as a higher grade (still standard) timer for different tanks.

But I’m also try to put them into the same tank, and give away some, to reduce the needs for having too many food timer. Looking at my scheduled trips (both short and long) until February, I see the urgency of food timer and transferring fishes that are out of quarantine into main tank.

Below is a video of the TVR still under quanrantine about 6 weeks old.

Another New Journey Begins

After been keeping variety/common goldfishes for months now, I’ve begun my journey into Japanese TVR (Top View Ranchu). In between, there are a total of 3 spawns from my goldfishes (not TVR).

Been busy with them all the time, water change, brine shrimp hatcheries, switching to pellets and a lot of work like quarantine and treatments. It’s no doubt a very fascinating and enjoyable experiences.

Back to the TVR, first batch gotten from a hobbyist for less than 10 pieces of them and was instructed to treat them with Acriflavine once I’ve transferred them to a temporary quarantine used pail with airstone turn on HIGH. Unfortunately, they died on me one after another.

I blamed on myself for the newbie zero experiences in TVR, and suspected my own mishandling of them. The breeder is kind enough with his encouraging words and brought the blames upon himself buy saying he bagged them too early and motivate me to try again.

First batch of TVR adopted from a breeder/hobbyist

From the video, it showed that the TVR I’ve adopted from a local breeder (using very good Japanese ranchu bloodlines parents) put in treatment with salt and Acriflavine.

They didn’t make it and had all passed on after a few days.

After another’s slightly more than a week wait, I received a call from the hobbyist again that he has culled another batch of TVR for me to play around and keep, at the same time learning how to keep and treat TVR. Since I’m not keeping in tub like the rest do, hence would not even talk about grooming as it won’t turn out very good. Just enjoy the TVR with the family while planning for TVR in tubs next time :-)

This is the new batch around 30 days old, videos taken today.

TVR Fries at 30 days old (With flash light on from mobile phone):

TVR Fries at 30 days old (Mobile phone flash light off):

All taken after done changing water and isolated fishes for treatment.

Till next time!