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Nokia New Firmware Updates Available for N96!

Just restarted my computer and I realised there’s an update for Nokia PC Suite, thus, I went on to my Device Manager of my Nokia N96 and search for latest firmware update. To my surprise, it seemed like there is a major update which might be what I’ve been waiting for. I’m not sure whether I’m slow in getting this update, but just want to share with you, in case there’s someone like me who missed out the updates!

It took a while for the phone to download from Nokia and to restart for installation. That’s also true for Nokia PC Suite installation on my computer. I strongly advise those of you, even though you’re not using N96, to check for any update available to your phone.

In case you do not know how to do so, from your phone, press the Menu key, or go to your Main Menu, and then locate the “Tools” icon, then “Utilities”, then “Device Manager”, then check for update. There you go!

I’ve experienced some interface and animation changes, including new applications under DOwnload! like WorldMate which I think is a very useful free applications, as well as the loading animations, which is definitely much cooler and it also indicated to users that I’m loading, with the globe spinning slowly means you’re loading something from the Internet. Cool!

The Mail For Exchange has been imporved tremendously, instead of the previous Access Point selection from a list, now it’s simplified to Internet or WAP, I simply love this as I don’t like the hassle to keep on changing my Access Point which often ends up corrupting my MFE and I have to reinstall it again and again.

You can even set to display new mail alert from several mailbox on your “dashboard”, the home screen, now! Yes, after the updates!

I think there’s simple a great enjoyment I’ve ever had for an update. I was never that excited before for the previous updates. I hope there would be something more and better to come soon. Though I hate regular updates but I like Nokia way of updating phones and firmware, I have no worries at all, just let the updates get downloaded, installed, and run! That’s it! Nokia totally rule for me now!

My next upgrade would definitely still be Nokia, but this N96 is enough to last me for another 3 – 4 years I guess, hehe… hurry for me. Unless there’s a better must-have Nokia handset, I’m not sure about pre yet, not sure whether I will get iPhone, or Nokia N97, we shall see. But one thing for sure, Nokia handset always come as top priority to me, after I’ve been toying with different handset models from different brand name. Hmm..what’s your choice?