Monthly Archives: January 2007

Busy looking out for jobs

Sadly speaking, the new offer from the current company is not that attractive and satisfying. And I have went through a lot of negotiations with them and it ends up with no results. Therefore, they give me two options. No matter what option I choose, I must give them my reply on Monday, which is tomorrow. One is to sign and renew the contract with them, the other option is to tender in my resignation and give them one month prior notice until the last day of my work and leave.

Well, life is like that and I don’t think I can do anything about it. I love the school, I love the friends and collagues there, as well as the students. But as the chinese proverb goes, there is not a single banquet that will last forever. There would still one day that all the students will graduate and we will hardly see each other again.

I should apologize to everyone in the school, be it teachers, or students, if I have somehow offended you, please forgive me as I did not do it purposely and nor did I have the intention to do so. I sincerely requests that all of you can forgive me.

I will leave all of you very soon and I have to move on from Yishun Secondary, hopefully we’ll meet up someday or somewhere if the fate brings us together. We can enjoy the cheerful and memorable moments together one more time.

Well, I think I need to stand up once again and find my true self back. I want to get a new job and I cannot continue like this anymore. Come on! Be optimistic and cheer up! It’s not the end of the world.

I hope my leaving will mean a good start for my future. I want to move on, start from my first step and keep on walking until I reach the destination.

I felt sorrow, I felt lonely? I think I have a mixture of various types of feelings. I felt very messy now. My mind is running wild and I can’t control it well enough.

Whatever, but still, whenever I think of leaving the school, I felt weird to go back working everyday until my last day. I’m not feeling weird. But I’m feeling guilty I think. Maybe I have not achieve what I want to achieve yet. I have yet to accomplish my goals in YSS. Haha, I think I would never have chance to do it in YSS again. Never, I’m no longer belong to YSS, though I used to have a sense of belonging to YSS, though I still feel the same though. Follow by my leaving, I felt that my heart is struggling hard. I make my decision to leave, but I miss this place! Sigh, farewell, all my friends, colleagues, students, and the HODs and SHs. Bye!

Second Week of Teaching

This is the second week that I’m partnering with Mr. Leong in ICT Literacy Programme. As planned earlier, the first 3 weeks of lessons would be conducted by Mr. Leong, while I’ll be taking over for two weeks on Presentation.

This week still not bad as they don’t really need to ponder too much on Rules and Regulations and but hands-on on Computer Network conducted by Mr. Leong.

I think I would need to plan out the lesson structure as well as the assignments with Zahlan as soon as possible as the third week is just around the corner. I would say this is a challenge for me as I never teach a proper lesson to on whole class before, of course except for the Digital Portfolio. I normally teach in Infocomm Club.

Just need to experience the life as a normal teacher here though I’m not a teacher, but more of IT Trainer. But well, but now the job scope has changed and our roles are now more or less the same like teachers. We’re busier than before and much work to be done. We need to do report, go for meeting, involved in CCAs, etc etc.

I have my own table now too. So that I wouldn’t need to share one table with Zahlan anymore, but Zahlan asked me to move, he chose to remain there as he wouldn’t need to shift anything over by doing so. Evil! Haha… but nevermind, my new place is cleaner and more tidy.

But not much privacy though, the network printer is just next to me and whenever there are teachers who printed something, they will come over to collect and they can peep on what I do. This is not that good. Moreover, I’m much exposed to teachers compared to Zahlan. We used to service teachers on IT problems, even though our new job scopes have been clarified with them through our HOD of IT, some of them still sort of ignoring the clarification and still come for us for those little little miscellaneous IT stuff. These are supposed to be done by our dear Andy, the School TA and Andi, the Lab Tech. Well, too bad. By sitting here at the new place, I’m more accessible than Zahlan and everyone else, and I’m in deep troubles as I cannot focus on my work and I have to attend to them. I need to be more firm on them that I need to teach and work on my stuff that I wouldn’t have much time to entertain them anymore. You know, once you help them, they always expect you to help them. They don’t really care whether you are free, they always say nevermind, just a couple of minutes, won’t be taking too much of your time. I hate this kind of lame excuses. This is not courtesy, it’s so fake and it’s an excuse.

Ok, later still have CCA, the Robotic Club, they are going to do the house cleaning work for the Club House, which is the Innotech Room. I will need to go up and oversee them doing work. Then I shall go back. Because I will be too busy with work and I have no time to waste. For now, all the best to everyone and hope your life is trouble free! :D