Monthly Archives: November 2007

What to do when you’re getting greedy?

Do you ever end up in a situation like you have too many options or choices, all are equally good but you don’t know which one to choose (assuming that only one choice is allowed among all the options available to you)?

Well, I’m facing this problem right now, too! I don’t even know which one to start from. I have Java, Ruby, Adobe Flex, Python, Physics, Maths and Calculus, Flash, Ajax, and so many other things that I definitely need to know and learn all of them, but I don’t know which one is more important to me, which one to start first, which one come later, and etc. I’m now having a hard time dealing with various options. In fact, I cannot choose only one, I need to take up at least two, as they come hand-in-hand which I cannot omit anything out from the pairs.

For example, Ruby can stay alone, but with Java it would be more powerful, thus I would choose to learn both Java and Ruby. Then if I master Java (once again, I took it in before), then I will definitely having easy time with C#, which I can apply in my development work in office, which will work with the VB 2005 codings, to further improve and enhance the functionality of the applications. VB 2005 can’t do everything, with C# coming in, it become more powerful, and both of them just work in different way, for me though. For C# developer outside, C# is definitely better. I can also feel the power of C# and definitely would tend to throw away VB after I master C# inside out. But due to my work, I have to use VB still. But I can implement C# class and some codings in, so that the I’m still developing in VB but with the helps of C#.

I foreseen the the future of a lot of new (and perhaps some are old, but getting quite popular in recent years) languages and I filter out those that interest me and would definitely benefit myself and become a plus to my profile. Hopefully will give me a better career prospect next time. I would love to see myself keep on learning and growing, at the same time, while working for money to survive and feed my family, I would love to work on some free projects too. As well as helping the needy whenever I can. Yeah, everyone can say it out easily, but when trying to put them in action, no one ever did that, in fact, very few people do that, but you cannot say there isn’t anyone doing that, right?

So I want to be one of them, too! I love to contribute, and like to see people learning and helping others too. So the cycle will keep on going and going until we succeed one day, maybe we’re no longer staying alive by then, but we will see a better future, a better world for every Earthlings.

Human are ever evolving, so as the technology and IT, and the programmers, with new technologies and languages coming out every now and then, we are often put into a situation which we don’t know what we are going to do with them. Just face the fact, we can’t really multitask to the extreme, tell me, how many languages you can master? Maybe those very good in it, maybe one in a few thousands, or millions? I’m not sure, but don’t quote me =) Only those very good can master a multiple, but most of the time, we can safely say that almost everyone can do the same, just that when the number of languages you know increase, it become so significant that, only those are considered “gifted” will master more and know more in depth of every language he/she knows than anyone else. But that’s a rare case, and most of the time you wouldn’t want to make yourself so tired until you have no life at all. What I’m trying to say here is, you ended up learning everything you know and spending every single seconds other than sleep time. Would you want that kind of life? Of course there are people doing it so. But I wouldn’t want to do it. I rather admit that, yes, I’m not capable enough, I’m just not that good, instead of burning off all my energy and time daily without knowing what has happened to people around me, and what are the things going on around me, etc etc. Until one day, I realized that I have never live my life properly, or worse, I have live before!!!

So just try to have some time management, this is most likely what you are going to tell me. But how well can you manage it since everyone of us only have 24 hours a day? Can you squeeze out more time? Yes, you can! By sacrificing your sleep time. You ended up becoming not so productive as you are not getting enough sleep, so the progress becomes slower and less effective. Is that what you want? You would definitely choose to sleep enough and manage your time on your daily routine and things you are going to do. But again, 24 hours minus off your sleep time, breakfast, lunch, tea-breaks, dinner, supper, traveling, resting, etc etc, all these need time! So how can you say you have 24 hours on your hands at will?

So, I ended up choosing Python, Ruby and Java as a combination of things that I will learn slowly in and hope to master them inside out, else at least can code something out without struggling much. These three would value-add to my profile and giving a better future. When everything is ready, it’s time to fly higher =)