Long queue at WestMall today (Starhub Christmas RoadShow)

Wow, today when I’m on the way to take MRT at Bukit Batok Interchange, I passed by WestMall, you guess what I see? I see a lot of people queuing around the corridor, all the way from outside the MRT station to the some sort of booths. I’m rushing to somewhere else, so I can’t really check what’s happening there. But by looking at the promotion brochures/pamphlets the promoters are holding, I roughly saw some phone pictures there, moreover, the brochure look greenish here and there. So I supposed it should be those regular Starhub year-end roadshow.

Not to my surprise, when I took the train back to Bukit Batok, it’s about 1.30pm and I saw the queue become even longer, so out of curiosity, I follow the queue and found the source. Yes! You’re right, Starhub Christmas Roadshow! Really good deal I tell you. You have to believe me, I have took a picture of part of the brochure I took from a young promoter.

The Brochure (partial)

So I think you can guess that $0 you see on the brochure is $0 dollar. Those phones are free for first 100 customers of the day. Yes, it’s on daily basis, everyday 100 lucky customers. That is not all. Those four are the only 4 I’m showing you, there are much much more. Sorry I’m not their promoter or staff, so I won’t help them to promote more here since I get nothing by helping them, haha… to know more in details please visit their roadshow at WestMall, Bukit Batok :)

Okie, to show you how exaggerate it is, here are some photos to share with you, well, I even heard those who just arrived saying,”OMG, this must be a joke! How come the queue can be so long?Is it really that good?”. Ok, most of the deals are real good and attractive, just make a trip down there you will know what I mean.

That is only the queue for those who are interested to get the deals from Starhub, there are people sitting everywhere around Starhub booths to wait for their numbers to be called and process their subscriptions/applications. Can you imagine so many people queuing there daily? From morning until night time! Gosh! Of course I’m not that bored to do something so stupid, which is to stay there from morning until night time just to take photos and report to you? No no no, I have too much stuff to do and too many commitments, I can’t afford to waste my valuable time here. Hehe…

Well, just browse through these photos to have some feels of Christmas bargains, this also telling you that Christmas is just around the corner, have you bought your present for someone special? your friends? colleagues? Or your family members? Or you just want to get one for yourself? It’s time to get something now. If you need a new phone, new broadband, or cable TV shows? Go to Starhub now, they even have special discount and promotions for limited customers who become their hubbers at the roadshow.

You might want to buy the Samsung YP-T10 that I’m auditioning right now. So far so good, the longer you are holding to it, the more you will like it, my love for it grows day after day, and I can tell you now I cannot live without it, though the bluetooth headset is still a problem for me, i felt fatigued easily if I clamped my head with it for one whole day. I cannot take it. And I’m not those who can listen to music for hours with earphones or headphones. At most I can last 3 hours, but normally I would maintain at the level of taking a break after every 1 hour of music listening to protect my precious ears and my hearing. I don’t want to overload them with music until they fail to function for me, and I can hear nothing at all by then. Do you want it to happen to you? So take good care of your ears and maintain a healthy music style and listening habit. And one more important thing is to maintain the volume at reasonable and acceptable level, blasting music to your ear for one hour daily would make you one step closer to become hearing-impaired. Do you really want to be like that? Of course NO! So be satisfied and be under control. Don’t be too greedy, the music won’t runaway, the player is yours, why in a hurry to join the music listening marathon to see who can blast longer? Stay cool, and be frienly to your ears =)

Ok, back to the topic, here are the photos, enjoy!

Scene at the booth
Scene at the booth 2
Scene at the booth 3
Queue outside the booth
Long Queue Scene 1
Long Queue Scene 2
Long Queue Scene 3
Long Queue Scene 4

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