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The New Twitter Client – Seesmic Desktop

Hey guys, just want to share with you a new and exciting Twitter client with better user interface. Yes, you can tell from my title here, Seesmic Desktop. You can join and download the public preview release HERE

Even Seesmic Desktop homepage already looks simple and cool!

Seesmic Desktop Home Page

Seesmic Desktop Home Page

And this is how the Seesmic Desktop Interface looks like:

Seesmic Desktop Interface

Seesmic Desktop Interface

And you know what? It’s now in the top 10 most popular Twitter Client list even though it has just been released not long ago! Cool, I was always waiting for cool updates from Team Seesmic. Before this, they have Seesmic for Facebook, which is still in preview version and it can’t capture comment and/or likeness and other features of Facebook status update yet. But I can’t deny that it’s a nice tool to use too.

Again, here is a screenshot for you on Seesmic for Facebook ;-)

Seesmic For Facebook

Seesmic For Facebook

I won’t go into much details on Facebook as it’s really still in preview beta version, quite simple, but good enough for preview!

Talking about Seesmic Desktop, it’s quite cool! You can put your friends or people you’re following into your own groups (up to you to create), and if you have more than one twitter accounts, you can login with multiple accounts too! Cool huh?

And what’s more? It’s announced that Facebook and Seesmic Web (Video Blogging Site) will also be coming soon to Seesmic Desktop, which we will see 3 most popular services integrated into one Desktop Client!

Here is a review or write-up from another author on Seesmic for Facebook, feel free to read!

Can’t wait to try it out for the upcoming integrated client. But at the meantime, I do have a lot of feedbacks for Seesmic Desktop, together with features which I would like to see in Seesmic Desktop too!

I want the tweets update to include user photo and tweet content, which is currently showing as “You have 1 friend update” or something similar. And I would like to have the options to auto shorten my URL if it’s found at the last line or falls into the last few characters, it would be a nice feature to have!

Well, do share with them more after you’ve tried out Seesmic Desktop, the more people giving them suggestions and feedback, the better final version you could expect to have! ;-)

Tempted? Join me and the big family now! Visit Seesmic Desktop today and start using it! And don’t forget to try out Seesmic for Facebook too!

Seesmic on Mobile now

Hi everyone, though it’s a bit late to share with you right here, it’s never too late to share something nice, isn’t it?

Yup, just like the titled says out, Seesmic is now on mobile, tested working on N95, and I have gotten myself a trial set of Nokia N96 for one week. Thus, I had also installed it on N96 and it’s tested working pretty well. But with one exception, I can’t seems to be able to get the video streamed through Wi-Fi. I don’t dare to stream through 3.5G network as I’m not on Data Plan, you can imagine how much I would need to pay if I stream through my GSM network, nightmare!

Initially I’m not that familiar with how to switch to secondary camera on N96, so I posted a video on Seesmic for suggestion. It ends up Mikeran taught me how to switch to secondary camera when recording video by pressing on # key, haha …

Maybe an option to switch to secondary camera?

Here is a video I posted on Seesmic using N96 too, before I “suggested” for the secondary camera switch feature.

Seesmic Mobile On N96

Alright, now everything seems to be working fine, except for my viewing problem, or maybe just me? With N96 5MP camera, I’m quite satisfied with the video quality even though with the video quality set to “Low”. Cool isn’t it? Join us at Seesmic today!

More info can be found on this link.